We asked, you told us: In the Bluetooth vs dongles war, you’ve made a choice

As the smartphone’s headphone jack slowly fades away, most people are faced with two options when it comes to listening to music on their phone: Bluetooth audio or using a dongle with wired headphones. Sure, there are USB-C headphones, but who uses them?

We thought we would discover which side of the fence our users are on. Do they use Bluetooth audio exclusively or live that #donglelife? Or are they playing on both sides and using one or the other when necessary?

We conducted a survey on the subject both on the Android Authority and on our Twitter account. Let’s see the results!

Bluetooth audio or dongle audio?

Our survey asked how people without headphone jacks listen to music on their phones and gave three possible options: Bluetooth audio only, using a dongle only with wired headphones, or both.

This is how the data is decomposed. Notice how the results are very similar both on our site and on Twitter, leading us to believe that this is a fairly accurate representation of our readers:

The data clearly shows that most of our readers are integrated with Bluetooth audio. Whether it’s a great set of headphones or a pair of fancy wireless headphones, most people who visit our site have abandoned the cable.

However, it is quite interesting how many of our readers jump from dongles to Bluetooth. Although the number of those who use both is quite far from those dedicated exclusively to Bluetooth audio, there is a much smaller gap than we anticipated.

Let’s take a look at some of your comments to better see what this data means.

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