Apple Allows iOS 14 Users in EU To Choose If they Want Ad Tracking: Facebook & Google Affected

Apple’s iOS 14 was a complete success. Apple has been on a streak lately, listening to what its users demanded for years. Today, the iPhone and its iOS have accomplished a lot. People wanted a bigger battery, they got it. They wanted more functionality (how much, that’s another story), they got it. Today, users can even search for widgets on their home screen. Yes, we know Android has had that for years, but come on, man, credit where it’s due.

Now as we move into beta phases of the latest Apple operating system for your mobile devices, we are seeing more and more emerging features. In a recent Reuters report and an article on, we learn that Apple has also done something for advertisers. When we say for them, we mean something they would hate. However, this is only for the European market.

Apple and ads

According to the report, Apple would be inciting users to disable the ads that appear in their applications, etc. Why is this a problem? Well, many companies like Google and Facebook make money from ads. Giving users the freedom to choose whether they want to see ads means that people will likely choose not to participate in them. Now naturally companies are not really happy about that and claim that Apple is really doing more than the mandatory limit imposed by European standards. Many companies complain that this is not correct on Apple’s part.

How did Apple respond? Well this is a serious accusation and something the company would have to pay from developers. In turn, they responded that most of these ads are intended to track user data, which should not be the case without the user’s consent. In the public eye, this makes perfect sense. Perhaps, we would see a change in this due to the increasing pressure from all these companies in future updates and beta versions.

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